Strasbourg bird's-eye view

Strasbourg in springtime

So well…. and what we call the French (life)style.

Frankly. Honestly.

I’ll show you some lovely pictures of Strasbourg captured in a really nice weather of May 2016. Although, I would like to write some notes about my experience about how I felt as a woman right among the other women on the street as well as after the short holiday at home.

Ok, you could say that my experience is distorted: being a tourist always means being much more free to wear and behave what and how you really want and you don’t bother about what others say. In this case you wouldn’t be right as most of the tourists I noticed to be a stylish woman spoke French. Maybe because they learned the language but maybe because they were from somewhere else from France.

But the long and short of it is, you can learn a lesson from French women. In style, I mean. To be a Real Woman.

So, what I have almost learned by now – still trying to implement 🙂 – is that to be yourself while trying to be better. How?

Make the best out of your face, use make-up (but be natural) and of course, use lipstick. Style is not about your body type. Elegance neither. So be yourself and be friend with yourself and your figure. Be aware of your type, choose your clothes accordingly and do not hesitate to wear sneakers or even high heels for cycling! Do not be afraid to be a real woman in all outfits you have. Do not be afraid to be elegant, to be fragile, to have nice jewelry and polished nails.

So, draw yourself up, the world is Ours!



Petite France


Escargots à l’alsacienne


Petite France


Waiting to let us climbing up to the cathedral platform


Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg


Wir sind da.


From the cathedral platform


From the platform too


Boat cruise


Ohh la la street art…


Ohh la la again